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We try to give credence to western medicine when due, but also place high regard for oriental and other traditional and ethnic medical practices that view the body holistically, and whose focus is balance and enlivening our body's own intrinsic strength and well-being.
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Balance & Self-referral

Health and well-being can be thought about in many ways. Balance is one concept. Maintaining balance in our lives is one way to approach thinking about health and wellness.
Ayurveda, the health, wellness and longevity branch of the ancient Vedas of India, among other things teaches self-referral as a core concept. From the western tradition, this idea is summed up in Socrates' famous words, 'Know thyself.'
Knowing yourself, and understanding your own body's condition and moods, becomes imperative when trying to maintain balance, health and wellness, be it physiological, psychological or spiritual.
I am often surprised how little the media discusses, and how few people know and practice, simple techniques that are extremely powerful for promoting balance, health and wellness.
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