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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gargling with Warm Salt Water

When I was a kid, gargling with warm salt water was something my mom told me to do every time I got a sore throat. Then in my 40's she made the comment, 'If gargling with warm salt water helps so much when you're sick, just think what it can do for you when you're not.' Let me say thank you Mom for so long being my Health and Wellness mentor.
This simple home remedy has also helped me with hayfever (it helps to clean the nasal passages), gingivitis (swelling of the gums and other gum problems), and ear and sinus congestion.
I stir as much salt as I can into boiling water. Then after cooling I put it into a plastic bottle and keep it in the shower. In the shower I take 1/2 mouthful of warm water, and then take some of the salt water from the bottle to gargle with. This makes it easy for me to gargle every time I take a shower or bath.

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